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Prints turn green then back to normal



Thought this may be of interest - to someone!
When printing from i965 on to glossy photo paper pro A4 size.
My prints were turning green after being placed in a photo album with transparent plastic covering them. They were all placed in the album within a few minutes of printing.
Take them out of the album and the normal colour is restored over-night!!
I can only think this is due to the inks not drying properly before being sealed away in the album and producing the green cast.
Anybody else experienced anything similar??


It sounds like the plastic pages were "out-gassing" fumes and those were reacting with the dyes from the ink. I'm willing to bet this wasn't an "archival quality" [read: expensive] photo album. If it was, get your money back.



Hi Matthew

What I forgot to mention was that prints which had been left 'un-mounted' for a day or so are fine in the album - it's only photos straight from the printer that go green. Obviously I now let them 'dry out' before mounting and they're fine.