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Problem with 35mm Macro Lens

Antonio Silva

New Member
Hi all,

I am new to the DSLR world and I bought an Olympus E-420 and the Olympus 35mm Macro lens.

My first impression of the lens is that it is very small and lightweight. One thing I noted is that the focus ring does not have a limit to rotate. What I mean is that I can rotate the ring continuously without this stopping. Is this normal?

When i tried to test the lens I was able to take some shots but for my surprise I cannot take more pictures. One strange thing I noted is that the lens barrel does not come to the original position even when I turn off the camera, it is always open. I don't think this is a normal behavior. Do you think that this is a problem with the lens? Or is it something wrong I am doing?

Please if anyone can help me with this issue I will appreciate.

Thanks in advance,