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Problem with aria



My Aria has now locked up twice. It "unlocks" after I remove the batteries and put them back in, but this time it seems to have gotten stuck on one shutter speed. No matter what speed, aperture, or mode I choose it shoots at the same fixed speed even though the readouts show different shutter speeds.
Has anyone else encountered this????? Any thoughts on how to fix it?


Well-Known Member
Have you tried a brand new, known make battery. All Contaxes are VERY sensitive to low voltage batteries and can behave in all sorts of weird ways, sometimes even before the low battery sign comes on. Make sure that you leave the old battery out with the camera switched on for a few minutes to ensure that all capacitances are fully discharged. There is a static protection circuit in all modern Contaxes that can cause odd behaviour and here I will cause some controversy. With the plastic frame, the Aria seems more sensitive to this problem than other Contaxes. It will be interesting to see if the new RX II is more subject to this problem than the old metal framed RX I. I was trying to take some photos with my RX on a yacht with St. Elmo's fire and although sadly the film was not fast enough for the photos to come out, the camera kept working in what must be the extreme of a high static environment. Hope this helps. Wilson