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problem with Aria

dosh 52

Hi to all contax users,
Been away from the forum for some time now and hope all is well with Contax users.Presently in India shooting the Khumb Mela. As luck has it an intermittent problem has occurred with my Aria. I have to say that it is a very good travel camera but on quite a few occassions when I press the shutter release button the shutter appears to close but the operation sounds muted with the frame advance telling me I have exposed a frame. I press the shutter release button a second time and the shutter closes properly and everything sounds correct. Quite often the information index light in the camera goes off completely. After I remove the batteries and re-insert them the camera works fine. I have cleaned the contacts with no improvement at all. I am using slide film and I am unable to see the results due to lack of processing facilities. Can anyone help.
Thanks, Dosh 52