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Problem with Dual Scan under XP


New Member
I have a Minolta Dual Scan IV

My computer runs Windows XP Pro (SP1) and I have made the installation with administrator rights.
The installation is OK.
I reboot.
I swith the scanner ON.
The computer says "I detect a new device".
The driver says Dimage Scan Dual4 is OK.
But, the light never stops flashing and, of course, the scan tools don't work.

I 've tried to install the scanner on an other computer (Windows XP family SP2), without any USB device (other than the dual scan), and I have the same result.

What is wrong ? Thank you for your help.


New Member
I have the same configuration... and also problems.

The light never stops flashing until the software is initialized. Do not worry about that.

What do you mean with whith "scan tools don't work"? I can scan without problems usign USB 1.1 ports, or usign USB 2.0 pots if autofocus if OFF. However, the scan utility hangs when "Adjusting focus" while connected to an USB 2.0 port... But not always.

After trying several PCI USB 2.0 cards and also motherboards, i think it is a Minolta driver failure...