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Problem with ND images - sensor failure?


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Can any one advise what is wrong with the ND???


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Nearly same problem - picture is only black

Nearly same problem - picture is only black
Everything else is working fine - 1 day before everything was OK.
Who can help me ?
Best regards


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It might be that the sensor is damaged but my guess would be that some electronics responsible for processing the image or for saving it onto the card are damaged. Have you tried different ambient conditions or different memory cards? Everything that is electronic might influence the image so perhaps do change the lens or remove it completely when taking a picture (beware of the dust)...

Post some more experience, perhaps we can work around the problem.

Thank you for fast respose

I have nearly tried everything - but everytime the picture is black - everything else is working fine -
How about repairing of Kyocera or where else ?
Best regards
PS: I loved work with ND !



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Hi hasenoehrl

Perhaps it is best to contact Kyocera and ask if there is still some service provided for Contax equipment. I doubt that there will be but it is worth a try. It would be a shame to quit working with the ND...

Repair for ND

Just use google and look for Tritec in Germany. They are the official repair shop and service point Kyocera handed over the Contax business when the company left the camera market. Tritec should be able to fix the issue.
By the way: When I got my ND I tried to use normal batteries. After a few "normal" shots, when current faded out, I got "destroyed" pictures looking very similar to what you've got. So think about cleaning the battery contacts of the beast, this could help.

Greetings, Hans

P. S. Having worked with many cameras, the ND leaves a strange taste everytime I use it. Being limited to ISO 400 sucks. And the AF also is a kind of bad joke. So I shoot architecture and portraits in bright sunlight with it because for action it seems to be the wrong machine...