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Problems importing from CFV-39: Firewire errors


New Member
Hi all,

I've played with a CFV-16 for a few days, shooting mostly untethered and then importing the images in phocus by connecting the digital back via firewire 800 cable to my mac book pro.

Worked every time, no problems.

Now I'm evaluating a CFV-39 and am lucky if I can get a single frame off the camera before it craps itself either with a "error firewire 9002" or "error media 9012" and both camera and phocus have to be restarted.

The firewire cable as well as the memory card used are the same as I used with the CFV-16.

Sounds like the CFV-39 is defective? It's a demo unit from Hasselblad here in Oz but was sold to me today with 12 months warranty.

Or am I missing something? Can't find anyone else on the net with these exact error messages.


- Balt


Well-Known Member
Check for the latest firmware level .
It should be R267 .

Do a format CF card . Shoot again and try again .
I assume , if the CFV-16 works fine , that the FW cable is ok .

Have you tried to import the 3fr files using a CF card reader ? ? ?

I use SAN DISK Extreme IV and also Exreme Pro cards , but Extreme III works fine as well .


New Member
I think the back must have had a problem, I returned it to the shop this morning. Putting the CF card into the CFV-16, using the same firewire cable, I took all the pictures off no problem.

That, along with focusing problems really were key in convincing me that the 16 is a better match for my camera/lenses setup.


- Balt