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Proud new SD10 (used) owner!



I missed my chance a few months ago to buy a new cheap SD14 (and now they are no longer available in Canada) and I am not really to buy a SD15 at full price (if and when it will be available...) so I decided to buy a used, but in excellent condition, SD10. The camera came with two kit lenses, 18-50 mm DC and 55-200mm DC. Although I will start learning the camera with those lenses, I am already considering buying EX lenses...

I currently own a Nikon D80 and a few Sigma lenses (Sigma 70-200mm 2.8, 2X converter and 18-50mm 2.8). I very like these lenses and I might buy them again in Sigma mount if I eventually go 100% to Sigma SLR, but for the meanwhile, I want to go to something different. I am hesitant on buying the 30 mm 1.4 or the 50mm 2.8 macro for general photography. Both lenses have their advantages, so I might eventually get both, but right now, I only want to invest in one lens at a time. Do you have experience with these lenses? If not, do you have an opinion to share?



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Welcome to the forum and enjoy your SD10! :)

I don't have experience with those lenses. But what I have on my SD14 camera is a Nikon mount. The Sigma mount was removed and replaced with the Nikon mount. I'm all manual now, and very happy! :)