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PS8 supports 10D RAW


New Member
I just recieved my Beta tester of Photoshop 8 for mac, and it supports 10D RAW files. So if your planing to buy PS7, id say wait a few months.


Hmm, interesting, did you just violate your NDA by saying that? ;o)

Can you violate it again by revealing whether 16-bit alpha channels are supported?


-= mike =-


Well-Known Member
Ladies and Gentlemen,

please think first and then post in the forum. As already described in my e-mail to you: If you want to unsubscribe you can turn off your e-mail notifications in your profile in the forum. Read the help menu for this or simply look at the buttom of your e-mails. With your continiued posting here, people start laughing about you and your ignorance.