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Purchased the SD14 - Waiting


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I haven't been this excited about a DSLR in quite some time. I look forward to the challenge of "getting it right" with the new SD14. I simply have fallen head over heels for the output of the Foveon sensor.

I am about 50% a film shooter (Pentax 645, Zeiss Ercona, Yashica Mat, and Chinon M42 clone), and the other 50% with the current DSLR, a Pentax K110D. I use strictly M42 lenses with the K110D, and will use them on the Sigma as well.

I am, however, quite interested in the Sigma lineup of proprietary mount lenses. I think that Sigma has come a long ways toward offering superb optics (based on the reviews I have read, at least).

I almost strictly shoot landscapes, and I never have a problem "taking my time" for a shot. It seems the the SD line is good for my style.

I am considering the 10-20 zoom from Sigma, as I like the approx 17mm wide end. Also, I understand that this lens is quite sharp, and does not show a whole lot of distortion (at least no more than other brands). I expect a bit of vignetting, and I can work with that.

All that said, can anyone give their opinion of the 10-20? Hopefully someone in the forum owns one.

Are there any other Sigma lenses (preferably EX or better) you might recommend for my landscape photography? I currently have: Pentax Super Tak 55/1.8, Kiron 105/2.5, Tokina 35-70 (surprisingly nice lens), and the Vivitar 100-300 (another "keeper" lens for me).

This will be fun, and another aspect of photography for me!



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Hi, Laurence!

I own a 10 - 20mm lens and think it is a very indispensable and creative tool for me. My recent night shot on my street (posted elsewhere) was done with it and on my excursions into the countryside, I most certainly would not leave home without it. :) It's handy for architectural work too.

Interiors are a piece of cake, providing (my personal preference off course) I make sure the camera is positioned horizontally to prevent keystoning.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs


Well-Known Member
Thank you for the succinct reply, Jim. I had a hunch that whoever owned a 10-20 would have said that it is nearly indispensable; it simply seems to offer a wonderful wide-angle range. It will be my first Sigma auto-focus lens acquisition, provided I like and keep the SD14. In fact, it will be my first auto-focus lens of ANY brand. Thanks again!



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Hi Laurence

I understand your excitment, I felt the same way when I ordered my SD14.

Regarding your other lenses. Do you know you can get a P645 to K adapter, and use this combo on the SD14?
You can see more options here:
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Textual version:
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At that page you will also find a link to some useful tips about the SD14. I mean, you need something to do while you wait, right?

Congratulation on your choice, I think you will love it.

kind regards
Øyvind Strøm

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