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Question about Leica IId Luftwaffe Eigentum




I'm new to this forum and now I already have a question: I've stumbled across (what I think) is a Luftwaffen version of a Leica IId. I know there are a lot of fakes around, but there are a few arguments against a fake: Black body, serial nr. 324976 (which falls in the s/n range for the IId), Fl.No. 38079. Round (not knurled) ring around the shutter button. No connection for a cable release. Luftwaffen Eigentum (Not just Luftwaffen) engraved in the metal part under the accessoire shoe. Elmar 1:3,5 F=50mm, apparently the chrome, uncoated version with the 'old' diafragm range (3,5/4,5/6,3...). No signs of the 'Reichsadler'. Body cap with a standard Leica engraving. Anybody who can give me more information about this beast is more than welcome. Things to look at more closely a.s.o.
Excuse my bad English: I'm not a native speaker.

Thanks a lot in advance,




You'll find a picture of the top of the camera as an attachment. I don't know if I can add more pictures to the same message.





Dear Peter,

Just to correct the record, there was no model IId.

The camera is a 1939 model II.

In the USA it was also known as model "D".

Seems to be a beautiful and unusual camera. Give it a CLA and take some photos.

Best wishes,



I'm pretty sure that your camera is a non genuine LUFTWAFFE LEICA, or, perhaps a modified russian (fed) camera.
I can provide a lots of info on collectibles Leicas.
I'm a proud member of the Leica Historical Society of America. I'm also in constant contact with Jim Lager, probably the greatest expert on old leicas in the world.
I hope you won't get offended by my opinion.

Stefano Pagliarani