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Question about the MF28 back


New Member
This is for anyone who has experience with the MF-28 back. When you used the data imprint option for recording the date, time, speed/aperature or whatever, where does that information appear. It shows up only on the negative and not on the print right? I've never used the back and am interested in buying it but not if the info is burned into the print.



Mostly good experiences of MF-28 databack,I've used it continuously for = 2,5 years in F5 printing speed and aperture information between = frames,also date and time. Has happened sometimes that data has been = printed annoyingly to the picture horizontally. Can anyone explain why = it has happened? If I recall right those were mostly CH,CS and CL = situations(continuous high,silent,low)or similar. I've tried to register = names of shooting sites,but the one by one character selection is too = cumbersome to do in the field. Of many other features I've used Focus = Priority to observation shootings: birds coming to nest,wild animals = arriving to eating place,sailing boats passing by,not too easy,because = focusing most be very precise to the anticipated target. Focus priority = works best with a cable release pressed and locked.Requires about 1 sec. = time of the target to stay in the selected focus to activate the = camera.Just for fun I have also running number of shoots on,now showing = 10567.=20