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Quickrelease plate suggestions


Hi all -

I'm looking into splashing out on a quick-release system. Currently under consideration is Arca-Swiss, as some of the ball-heads I'm looking at both use this style mount. I currently use an Aria, a RTS II with a W-9 motor drive, and a 300mm f/4.0 lens with a collar.

The Aria isn't a problem... I think the only potential issue might be with the 85 f1.4 which positively dwarfs the body, but I could live with that.

I've been told by one manufacturer of custom plates that there's nothing available for the W-9 motor drive... again, not huge problem. I could either lose the motor drive or keep this on the big lens, but is anyone using a generic Arca-Swiss plate with the W-9 drive?

The real problem is that there doesn't seem to be anything for the 300mm lens since it's got a round foot and there's "no way of putting a plate on it and keeping it from twisting" ... is this true?
Does anyone have any problems using quick-release plates with this or other lenses with round tripod mounts?

Opinions, comments, suggestions would be most appreciated.


Hi Eric,

I am using the MiniConnect System from Novoflex on a RTS III and AX.
When using the 300 F4 I place a quick release plate from Cullmann
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between the lens and the coupling piece of the MiniConnect System.
There is a thread in the bottom of the quick release plate, so that the coupling piece of the MiniConnect System can be screwed into this plate.
The quick release plate from Cullmann has a rubber surface, so this works quite well and stops the lens from twisting.