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R system



Hi everyone. after much deliberation and agony i have decided to join the R family rather than the M. IMHO the M is more a work of art and something to be fondled (a behavior to which i am susceptible). but the substantial and "sure," non-slippery feel of the R8-9 bodies along with the through-the-lens viewing,are what finally sold me.i will receive my shipment in a few days and anxiously await this glorious moment.of course i shall return to this forum to share my anticipated thrills. thanks to all who have so far been of assistance!!!


Dear Joseph,

you have changed your mind within a couple of days. Three days ago you told us that you intent to buy M7!



well Joseph... U won't regret it.... (except for the heft - sometimes it gets real heavy - espcially when U are tired) ....

what lenses are U getting ?



New Member
Hi Joseph,

Which lenses are you interested in? I have a R24mm elmarit, R35mm summicron, R100mm APO macro elmarit and R 70-180mm APO elmarit, 1.4x and 2x APO convertors for sale. Contact me at if you interested.

Kim Lau