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R3 a real Leica



In my opinion, the "real" Leica R-system starts only with the R4, but the origin is more the R3, which was developped by Minolta for Leica. All later R models after the R3 'til the R7 are based on this lovely design.

Unfortunately Leica goes now with the R8 and R9 the more "streamlined" ways like all producers to more bulky and heavier bodies.



My Leica system started with the R3 which I still have today. I later purchased the beautiful looking R4, but what an unreliable bit of gear! Desposed of it some years later. Now use two R8's. The best R to date! But I agree that the R4 to R7's are the best looking.



In my opinion, the 'real' Leica systems starts with the Leicaflex and ends with the Leicaflex SL2. The R are Minoltas at best. Still the most rugged is the R3.
Leica made a big mistake it extending the R line instead of referring to the great past and returning to the Leicaflex name.


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> Seems like a very good price. I paid twice that for mine, though it had no brassing. They are nice shooters too, and that lens is top-notch! Even with a CLA at DAG (or Leica) it would be a good deal.

I now have the Summilux Safari and I think that the Summicron was sharper. They are both great lenses though.

Who knows if the value will rise, but at that price I doubt it will lose any value!

Cheers! - marc