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R4 newbie worries


New Member
Hello everybody,

Always dreamt about having a Leica and finally just got an R4 from the earlier series, with motor drive from ebay.

Overall it's in fine shape. However, I'm worried about the exposure. Manual and Aperture modes appear to overexpose 1 stop compared to my hand-held meter and Nikon, which for years have given me consistently perfect results. On the other hand, the shutter mode exposure T shows one stop less than the previous modes (I can't tell for sure about Program). In any case, there's a 1 stop difference between Man and Apert on one hand, and shutter mode on the other. How common is it and how hard is it to fix? I'm testing it with slide film since that's what I'm using most of the time.

Also I'm missing the tiny wedge-shaped black plastic bumper for the strap ring underneath the crank lever, and the two holes where it goes are open. Where can I find one?




Well-Known Member
The other place you could send is Leica at Solms. I used to hear that they were very SLOW. I sent my M3 to them two months and they were returned within 4 weeks, everythings in excellent conditions.