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I received my first Leica, an R4s with a 35mm/2,8. Is there anyone who can help me with an instruction/users manual. I prefer one in English or Dutch.
Can anyone post me a link or a pdf.-file.

You could try Old Timer Cameras
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. I have had a few from them in the past and they have been very good. The main thing I found with the R4s, which you have probably found out, is that the meter is not coupled in manual mode so you have to use the readout in the viewfinder and then take the camera away from your eye to set the shutter speed. No great, but you do get used to it particularly once you see the results of the 35mm F2.8 - fantastic in dull conditions on Ilford Delta 100.

Hope you enjoy the camera. You'll find yourself going into a whole new world of photography.