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R8 body and R lenses for sale


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<font size="+1">R system, like new, to sale :

R8 black body : 1'400 Euro

R8 Motor Winder : 420 Euro

50mm/2,0 + B+W 55mm,010/UV MC Filter : 600 Euro

80mm/1,4 + B+W 67mm,010/UV MRC Filter : 1'800 Euro

180mm/2,0 : 4'000 Euro

Super Angulon
28mm/2,8-PC + B+W 74mm,010/UV Filter : 1'700 Euro

2x Apo-Extender-R : 1'000 Euro

Macro Adapter-R : 270 Euro


For more info, you can contact me by email: