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Ralf Mueller's B&W industrial etc images


Well-Known Member
I am really impressed with Ralf's images of the Guillemins Station and the Voelklingen Ironworks site posted here recently and showing up at the top of the home page in the Latest Albumn Pictures section.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to comment upon them....but I sure wish I could see much larger images or even better yet, large prints of these images.

Ralf...could you tell us more about these images, the locations and how you took these photos? Do you have a website with more images of this kind?

Really well done! I don't get to see places like this over here in Alaska.

Gary Benson


Well-Known Member
Hi Gary,

Thanks for the flowers, glad you like the images.

All the images were taken with a H3DII-31 and either the 28mm lens
or the 80mm lens. I converted them to B&W in PS CS3, then adjusted the curve for better contrast
and applied slight dodging and burning here and there.
The image taken in the Blower Hall is slightly cropped.

Unfortunately I don't have a web page with my images but plan to post
more here in the album section in the next couple of weeks/months.
In case you like to see larger versions, PM me and i send some. The
Album here is limited to 600x600 pixels and a file size of 97kb.

The new Guillemins Station opened in Sep 2009, see
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for more details. It is an absolut architecture highlight and one can easily
spend an entire day shooting.

In contrast to that, Voelklingen Ironworks was shutdown in 86/87 and
became World Cultural Heritage short after. It is a huge area and most of
it is open for visitors, see
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Best Regards,