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RAW in linux


I cannot run SPP as I have both of my laptops running Ubuntu.
Any suggestion on how to work with RAW files?
Shotwell will become the new photomanager soon.


I successfully installed SPP 4.2 using wine
experimented abit and found the program crashing on several occasions.
also most of the menu were displayed but with no text, only white rectangle which makes it pretty difficult to guess what it is about.
hope I can find dcraw plugin for shotwell, f-spot, ... that supports x3f format


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I have recently upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS...complete new install from scratch. So i had to re-install most things...Sigma Photo Pro included.

Here are the steps to get SPP working properly:

1. Add the WINE repository in the Update will have latest version whenever system updates itself. I have Wine 1.2 running on my system now.
2. Ensure you have gdiplus.dll in the .wine system32 folder.
3. Under WINE configuration, add SPP executable to the applications list and highlighting it, under the libraries tab...add gdiplus to reflect (native, builtin).

SPP will run without problems now! All the best!



The great thing with SPP under Wine is that you can have as many different version of SPP you want: I do have simultaneously SPP2.5, SPP3.0, SPP4.1, SPP 4.1.1 and SPP4.2. Sometimes, earlier version of SPP do give better results than the latest one...


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Offtopic, but I have installed SPP 4.2, 3.5.2 and 2.5 under plain old Windows XP. While installing in this order, no tricks are needed; you just can't run different versions (3&4) at the same time.


Another soft I use with Linux, without using WINE, is Rawstudio. Results are not as good as with SPP, but quiet acceptable. Ufraw also supports x3f files and is available as a Gimp plugin.

If you're interested, I wrote a perl script that generates thumbnails for the file manager (I actually use Thunar, but it works also for Nautilus). It could also rotate the images very quickly, by writing in the x3f header the desired orientation.

With the latest evolution of Xfce, thumbnailers are not outer scripts anymore, but rely on a dbus protocol. The daemon used to generate thumbnails is called tumbler and need plugins to generate thumbnails: in the sources are included plugins for jpeg, gdk-pixbuf (pnm, tiff, png, etc), pdf, and some more, but unfortunately not for raw files, x3f raw files in particular. Therefore, I write a plugin for tumbler allowing thumbnails for x3f raw files to be generated: the plugin is able to generate thumbnails for all Sigmas cameras (from SD9 to DP2x), rotating them accordingly to the rotation field contained in the x3f header.
Post a reply if you want me to give a link to those utilities...