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Raw PhotoStudio


New Member
Hi Sigmausers:

Very first post on this forum.

I have been on a search for the latest german version of Raw PhotoStudio without any success. It looks like it has vanished from the map.

I have version from (2007), german again. I see some posts talking about new versions in 2008 and 2009. Wondering if anybody new anything about this and where to download, as the case may be.

I am aware of the connection with ArcSoft PhotoStudion Darkroom 2 and I don't remember the reasons I chose to use the german version, but at the time, back in 2008, I am sure they were pretty good.

I was wondering then if the newest version of ArcSoft Photo Studio Darkroom 2 was more alike to the german version.

Thanks for your answers.

P. S. I have not used anything but SPP in its latest incarnations since about the same time.


Well-Known Member
Hi and welcome,

I've not seen later versions of this wonderful software - what additional options should be added there?

From my personal comparisons between german Raw Photostudio and Arcsoft Darkroom (upgraded free promo version from 2008) I like Raw Photostudio more. It is hard to say why - functions are almost identical, but some functions seem have different range (eg color noise remover is much stronger in Raw Photostudio).

I've not experimented with Arcsoft new versions though.

About X3F developing - I'm using mostly SPP; in rare cases (like oversaturated red flowers recovery) I do additional postprocessing in some other program. Raw Photostudio is best for that :)