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RE good buy or not



I have my eyes on a second hand R-E for a seemingly good price and in reasonable condition. I only have one R lens, the Leica 60, and I'd like to find a decent body for it. Is this a good "cheap" buy. Any quirks with the camera? Is it an improvement over the R4 (which has a murky viewfinder and questionable build quality/reliability) or is it pretty much the same?

The camera is in England and I am in Sweden so I cannot judge for myself though the dealer is trustworthy. I'd hate to haggle with sending back stuff so I'd like some input before I order.

I was hoping for a decent viewfinder as I sometimes wear glasses but most often not.
I have been spoilt by having Contax RX and RTSII/III's but I assume I cannot expect that bright a viewfinder on the R-E.

Thanks, Henrik


Hi Henrik.

The R-E is what they call a "economic " version of the R5.
The functions you realy need are on it and it is a very solide camera.
A friend of mine has one and is very satisfied with it,the camera feels very solide.
What is the price they asked for?


Hi Rob, thanks for the input!

They are asking £275 which seems fair.

I have no need for a lot of "functions" so it seems like the right kind of camera for me. If I was more into Leica R I'd probably try to find a R6.2 but for the casual shooting I'll do with the 60mm I believe the R-E will be fine. Have you any idea on the viewfinder? Brighter than the R4 (which I hope it is)?


Cheers Rob, Henke