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Recent trip to the northwestern Spain


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Hi colleagues,

Just back from the Christmas holidays. I've been traveling through the spanish north western area, from Ferrol to Ribadeo. We were contouring the coast and visiting the nice places over there.
One of the nice places we visited was the "Souto da Retorta!, a nice forest of very old eucalyptus that have grown upto 80 meters high and 3,75 meters diameter. The days were gray and rainy, and I was carrying only the SD9 with the 18-50mm kit lens. (To get there from Barcelona we were flying with a low cost carrier that only allow for 10 kg weight per person, so we were forced to reduce the luggage to the minimum).
With that lens, I had to shot at really low speeds (no tripod) and use ISO 200. Even with this setup, I like very much the results. Colours are realistic, and the pictures are better that the ones I could have taken with the Canon or the Pentax.






Kind regards,



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Oh yes, Jes, it sure is. We have many, many different varieties and most of trees are eucalypts. They are everywhere, from the low river flats through to the alpine regions of the mountains.

The snow gums (we call them all gum trees here) are my favourites. In my opinion the are nature's artistic statement. :) With the weight of snow in winter and all the other stormy elements throughout the year, their trunks and branches twist and turn into magical distortions that are a joy to behold.

Then there are the streaks of vivid colours on their bark. Believe me, it's paradise, mine anyway. :) To walk amongst these stunted forests is indeed a privilege.

Sincere regards, Jim R


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You have pictured it so poetically that I've had to add another target to my travel wish map ;).

Kind regards,


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Klaus and Jes, look! Eucalyptus trees as far as the eye can see and this view (2 overlapping frames @ 10mm) is in excess of 180 degrees. :)


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Guest .

Hi Jim,

whow ... an impressive pano!;) I am very much in pano-photography ... did a number of them in Spain now. Thanks for sharing.

This option is another argument for digital photography ... one out of many!

See you with nice pictures