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Rechargeable battery batteries



we have a canon rebel Ti, it uses the CR2 CR-2 battery, would like to use rechargeable, do any of you know which one will do for us? ... al


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>Not rocket science but you DO need to read the instructions ,altho' having >said that it is the only forum I have ever encountered where you need to >type your reply in a particular place .



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Albert, I have the Rebel Ti also and I just bought the BP-220 Battery Pack to replace the CR-2 Battery that is getting weak. Even though I can buy a 2 pak of CR-2s at WalMart for under $10.00 I want to get out of that deal and be able to use rechargable AAs. The BP-220 takes 4 AA batteries. I'll just use good AA batteries for now and buy a Energizer or Duracell rechargable battery and charger kit soon.
Another reason for getting the BP-220 is that it will add some height to the camera body for easier handling and it also has a shutter release on it to make shooting vertical shots easier.
A friend has bought the Canon A80. It comes with AA batteries unlike the G3/G5 which has a rechargeable battery. Can anyone recommend the best rechargeable batteries for the Canon A80? And whether there is a recharging battery pack which will perform in the same way as the G3 and G5?
Thank you

>I have been using a set of 12 rechargable AA batteries for almost two >years. I originally got the batteries for my Canon flashes. The batteries >are Rayovac NiMH. I use the Energizer ACCU recharger model CHM4AA. Works >well for me. The batteries can re-charge overnight. But, and this >important, these batteries need regular use to keep 'healthy'. I found a >trick for keeping the batteries. Since I do not use the flashes everyday, >the batteries can become weak and have short charges. My portable CD >player can use the batteries up in 2 or 3 hours. So now may batteries get >more regular use and are more dependable when I need the flash power. - Fred