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red hue in SPP


SPP is gives all pictures a red hue after loading. The below is a screenshot of how the picture preview looks just after it first appears ( left ) and how it looks after SPP is done loading completely ( right ). The Adjustment mode is set to X3f, so no Automatic correction should be being made.


Does anybody know what could be causing this?


Well-Known Member
Default monitor color profile - SPP applies it to processed raw, but not to preview JPG, displayed initiaally. If you have monitor not calibrated, select sRGB in display properties for default monitor profile. If you have monitor calibrated, ensure that your measured pofile is set to default and ignore initial preview colors.


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+1 to what Avro said...also X3F does do's not flat...Auto is the flat instead of using X3f use start from...

Hopes this helps... Tony C.