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New Member
I'm pretty new to the D100, and although I'm happy with the sharpness and exposure (with WB work arounds) I seem to get problems with red tints in the photos. Pure reds come out orange, burgundy comes out red and pictures generally seem to have a red tint. Clearly all can be fixed in Photoshop, but I wondered if anyone else had encountered this and whether their are any camera-based fixes.




Welcome to the wonderful world of digital capture. CCD sensors in particular are more sensitive to the red and infrared end of the visible spectrum. Film is the opposite ie more sensitive to the UV blue end. In fact a digital camera is quite good for IR photography.

If you have a strong UV or skylight filter on your lens remove it for DC, this may help with your red problem.

Fill flash can also be a problem with DC as most flash units have a spike of red that is picked up by the CCD sensor (but not film). The red spike is also not consistent so results can vary from image to image. Usually, the quality of the light improves after a few bursts, but each flash unit has different characteristics so it’s a matter of trial and error.