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References for opticslens design


I am interested in learning more about optics/lens design from a technical perspective. Can anyone recommend any good books or web sites which give detailed information about this? To give you an idea of what I am looking for, I would like to learn more about what makes a particular lens a "planar" or a "tessar", for ex&le, and what specific characteristics does a particular lens design display. Also, the importance of spherical abberations in lens designs. That sort of stuff. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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The Carl Zeiss website is full of information and also has interactive lens construction section and one for lens shutters.

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Steve, Get Erwin Puts book, Leica Lens compendium. Well written. Good illustrations of aberrations. Good history, although I know your interest is Contax and not Leica. Nice explanation of what aberrations do to the image. At the risk of stirring up endless debate, he explains bokeh or bo-ke, including why "pleasing" bokeh is a result of less correction. Newer lenses better corrected have out of focus images that may not be as smooth.

"planar" or a "tessar". This is explained in the Zeiss website.