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Regarding the CR-21 cable release switch

Short message to tell SD14 (and maybe SD15) owners to read carefully the instructions sheet that comes with the cable if you buy one, because figure 1 on that sheet is the only place where one show you where to plug the cable!

There is nothing written in the SD14 user's manual about this accessory. I own my SD14 for 3 years now and it is the first time I realize there is a socket right there, beneath the connectors cover, under a little circle that seems moulded to the camera body!

Without figure 1, I would have had a hard time finding that socket, for sure. :eek:


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SD14 manual, page 11, upper figure, #13 - page 12, list, #13, *release socket*.
I long ago lost the little socket cap already :(

And now find PC synchro terminal :)