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Remote Control ML3



Does anyone know about the function of the infrared remote control ML-3 (for F75 or D100).
I want to make my own with an infrared laser to achieve very far working range, but i don't have an ML-3 to check how it works (and it's nearly impossible to get, i ordered one 6 months ago).
I guess, this control just sends an modulated IR signal. Maybe only a square wave with specified frequency and pulse width.
Does anyone have a ML-3 and is able to check this with an oscilloscope?
Thank you very much in advance!



See the post I just made titled D70 ML-L# (should have been a 3, oops)Remote Substitute.

The thrust is to use an IR universal TV remote control to replace an ML-L3 Nikon unit. You might do this and substitute an IR laser diode for the IR LED in the remote. It may serve your purpose if you haven't already solved your problem.



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This is also mentioned in another forumn that I am on. The key is actually a Sanyo TV which are OEM for the Sears TV.

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There is a myriad of universal remotes and keychain remotes which can do the same thing. it would be funny if your camera was triggered by a neighbors universal remote that was within site.

The Sanyo codes for your model are 11413, 11423, 11341 according to the AllForOne website.
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