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Remote release cover



My Aria arrived (I bought it used) with no cover on the remote release socket. Is there supposed to be one? If so, could anyone post a picture of what it looks like.

I've been trying to get one from Contax UK for months. Eventually they sent one but it doesn't, in my opinion, fit properly.



I bought one from Foto Huppert in Wuppertal, Germany some weeks ago for EUR 0,75.
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and look under "Contax Systemzubehör für ältere Modelle". It is called "Abdeckung für Kabelauslöser-Anschluss Type L Contax", Bestell-Nr.:89046 or 89043. One is screw-in, the other push-in. There are also pictures!


Thanks for the replies.

The item I want is the 89046 off the foto-huppert site. What I got from Contax UK was the 89043.

I'll see if I can get it from foto-huppert. It's gotta be easier than dealing with Contax UK.


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Peter really surprised to hear that from Contax UK I needed a cover for the flash sync on my G2 it came the same week and Free of Charge.
Would suggest you call them again before you give up 01189 337000 if they don't know ask for the Sales Manager to call you back. Bob.


Hi Bob

I called them orginally and they said send and SAE and we'll send you one FOC. So I did that and heard nothing. I emailed them via their Web site and got a reply from the sales manager saying he wold send one. Still nothing. I emailed the sales manager directly saying I hadn't received anything and could he chase it up. No reply. I emailed them again via the Web site and I got a stroppy answer back from the sales manager again saying he had sent it twice but would send it again. Well, if they did send it previously, he could at least of acknowledged my email when I said I hadn't received it. Personally, I don't think it was ever sent. After all this, as I said, I did get one in the post from them but it was the wrong one. I emailed the sales manager again direct but, again, have had no reply. All this has taken nearly three months. I've now ordered one from Germany. For 3.75 Euros (including shipping) it ain't worth the hassle of trying again.



I know I'm preaching to the choir here but it takes so little for a company to develop customer goodwill, why don't they just drop one in the mail for you? Any Contax employee should be so-empowered.



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Rick ...

<font color="0000ff"> ".... why don't they just drop one in the mail for you? Any Contax employee should be so-empowered. .... "

As indeed they have, several times to me personally, and as reported by Club members, to them also, without them mentioning that they were Club members!}


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Rats! finger trouble again!

...... I'll finish off ......

Isn't that exactly what Peter says that the Sales Manager had said he had done.

I wonder if this is one of those occasions where a small amount of missing or diverted information has caused an "apparently" disproportionate amount of "poor" service?

I'm bemused that Peter has had a frustrating experience, mainly because I could find so many to testify that they have had the opposite experience.

Robert's experience is one that I am more familiar with, (and he's is not even a Contax Club member
, although, is welcome to be one)

There is one important, slightly related, point. One that everyone should contemplate for a while! ....

I don't think that there are any Contax employees!! This surely must be one of those things that seem so obvious, so much so, that it is completely over-looked by most!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record ......... It is so difficult to disassociate Contax products from ......

Kyocera ..... click ....... Kyocera ....... click ...... Kyocera ...... click!

Cheers, Kyocera, click, Kid.