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Remote to PC shooting with A100


New Member
I have read that the new A350 comes with a PC remote control software which includes a live on-screen preview, but does anyone now about a similar software for the A100?

What I am trying to do is mount the camera on a tripod and shoot multiple subjects and be able to have the images pop up on the pc/laptop to print while the customers wait...similar to what they do when your kids get pictures with Santa at the mall. I do not want to have to keep removing the memory card to access the images for printing but when I attach the camera to my pc using the included usb cable, I can no longer take pictures.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



New Member
are you referring to "live view" which the a350 has? This is a highish definition lcd screen which is fitted to the rear of the camera and can be tilted so that you don't have to look through the optical viewfinder - handy for low level macro shots, it keeps you shirt clean because you don't have to lie down on the grass.

I think that you are looking for "tethered shooting", a feature which enables you to preview an image on a computer monitor before and during shooting, and even gives the ability to save directly to the hard drive rather than a memory card. This is not available on the alpha 100 - I know because I have researched this as I like the idea a lot - but sadly, no.