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Repost- Valley of the Gods, Utah


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Well-Known Member
Valley of the Gods in Southern Utah.
Hasselblad 501cm w/50mm Distagon on Portra 400 (both photos were lost in the forum change)


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Love the composition. Would a polarizing filter have made the clouds pop? Thanks for reposting so these images would be available to all. Does this indicate that the problems have been resolved?


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In Utah you regularly have this flat sky colour. It can be beautifully blue but also quite drab. In my experience a pola has limited use.

I've visited Utah quite often and can recommend it to everyone! Photographs just don't do the landscape justice (no, also not if they are taken with a HB)
Really like the first one. What scanner did you use? My scanner picks up Portra 400 with more red than in your image & I really like the tones.