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Results from my first day out - learning


Well-Known Member
Nice to see a blower Bentley in excellent condition.

The Porsche wheel/brake does not look very classic!

You and me both,mate...though I have occasionally played with a rolleicord I bought for about £5 in the early seventies. Where does this leave your Leica gear...presumably lightweight walkabout?


Well-Known Member
A happy end. That's great news for Andy.

However, it's this time we need to thank the others who have suffered through the process.

His dear wife for example who has shared his worries. Ffordes who've had there gear returned, but most of all the poor soul who:
- persuaded him that it was the right tool to exercise his vision,
- who sold him the camera body
- who showed him how to operate it
- who struggled to analyse his fogging problems
- who used his own studio to set-up the fogging test
- who processed and scanned his film
- who determined precisely what was going wrong
- who lent him a camera back so he could continue to use it
- who recommended a scanner and found a source for it
- who directed him to a source for an excellent replacement back

A man no doubt relieved that he hasn't unknowingly sold Andy a pup.

Let's spare a thought for that poor individual, salt of the earth, Hasselblad user we can rely upon. Raise your glass to him Andy ! :)

Three cheers.


Well-Known Member
If I knew he was, I'd thank him personally, but he likes to remain so anonymous that I only know him by at least three "nom-de-forums". I suspect he may have another ;)

So, thanks M'Ate :)

(I did buy him and his son a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea on Sunday if that counts!)


Well-Known Member
I am glad it turned out all right for Andy not that I had any doubts about it.
It seems there is a new enthousiast who is learning fast.
Square framing is going quite well.

Living proof that Leica use is excellent training for Hasselblad gear.......