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Retest of 3 varios and a prime


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There was a time delay in the earlier set that might have given one lens an unfair advantage over the others. I corrected this by taking these all within a few minute period.

100% crops using 28-85, 35-70, 40-80 and a 85 1.4. ISO 100 f 5,6 EV +0.3

28-85 below


35-70 below


40-80 below


85 1.4 below



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I've recently been reunited with my 35-70/3.4 and 80-200/4, and the 35-70 seemed to produce images as good as primes. I am surprised though about your 28-85 image vs. the 35-70; I'd have thought it would have bettered the 35-70 due to new design of the 28-85.


Hallo Crocus63,

I think the Zeiss 35-70/3.4 is one of the best Zeiss/Contax Zooms out there. The 28-85 is also excellent, but due to longer range, it is difficult to beat the 35-70mm zoom. Bear in mind, both have been designed for film cameras.

But with both, you will see improved IQ when used with the Contax RTSIII and its vacuum film flatness internal of the body.

Best wishes