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Right exposure V96C under exposure in Phocus - why


Well-Known Member

I get correct exposure when running the V96C back which fits with expected exposure and also live histogram.

Problem arises when imported into phocus then picture appear under exposed in all its senses, dark, histogram only in the dark parts etc. have tested different import variants such as standard, user - reset everything to zero but without a positive result. Is there something within phoucs which I handle wrong?


Well-Known Member

Thanks for the reply Selmar.

Are the data intact after corrections or is the dhynamic range lost due to this bug, i.e. the image is gtransferred down into the dark part or is it only an artefact that can be properly corrected without loss of image quality and colors?



I haven't spent much time on looking at the negative consequences of this bug on image quality. Still, a quick comparison between the results yielded by Phocus and by Flexcolor, which does behave as it should, appears to show that the image only darkens in Phocus with no negative influence on the data itself. Shots taken at ISO 50 appear as they should in Phocus as well. I've not been able to see if Phocus 2.7 still has the bug, because this version has a different bug which prevents Imagebanks to be detected. Hasselblad is aware of this issue as well.

Kind regards,

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