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Ring flash for Contax Aria


Well-Known Member

Did you try a contax TLA 360. It is not a ring flash, of course but it works very well for close-up photography even on the camera since the head tilts down a bit

Use a diffuser and experiment with the on-flash compensation.

It beats everthing else I've ever used except for super close work



Hi, I use a Centon MR20 - it is non-dedicated, inexpensive and works a treat. I also occasionally use my 25 year-old Yashica Medical 100 DX if I don't need the extreme magnification of the Contax bellows unit. Keep an eye on ebay - the Yashica lens is a pearl and still pops up from time to time. Only issue would be replacement lighting units - you'd need to check how often it was used - that's why I rarely use mine! I have also wired up a couple of TLA 20s with heavy diffusers in the past.


New Member
Thanks for the info.

My main reason for looking for a ring type flash is for people shots. I have heard you can get an interesting effect using the macro flash for things other than macro?

I have the 360 and I probably need to play with it a bit more.

Thanks again.


Well-Known Member
not sure if you really asked for marco ring flash. But below the the ring lights usually for portrait application as you see in fashion magazine:

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