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Rlenses on digital body with LCD viewfinder


This is a suggestion for comment.

What about a digital body for R-lenses that uses an LCD viewfinder?

From experience with a CanonPro-1 as well as limited experience with an R8/DMR, I make this suggestion.

R-body with LCD Viewfinder
. . Viewfinder easy to view
. . . . Works well in all lighting conditions,
. . . . . . very bright to very dim
. . . . Same for both record and display
. . . . Instant review without moving eye from viewfinder
. . . . Displays information in viewfinder
. . . . . . all needed information, selection or none
. . . . Magnify image for manual focus
. . . . . . Put magnify button next to shutter release
. . . . . . This works pretty well on the Pro-1, but the
. . . . . . magnify button is in an awkward position
. . . . Possibly combine with optical viewfinder
. . . . . Does ROM provide distance information?. .
. . Can accept full sized sensor
- . . . R-lenses angle of incidence OK for full size,
. . . . . . . . 24x36 mm?
. . . . . . . -20 megapixels?
. . No noise
. . . . Turn acoustic signals on/off as needed
Why do I like this idea? My 83-year-old eyes are plagued by cataracts which scatter light. I cannot see the LCD screens in daylight or other bright light. In dim light I cannot see through the R8 viewfinder and in bright sunlight I cannot see the information in the R8 viewfinder. As I am far-sighted, I have to put on my glasses to shift from the R8 viewfinder to the DMR review screen, and then remove them to return. The LCD vie0wfinder seems to solve all of these problems.

My first Leica was a III-G, bought used in 1939. My father and I used to argue whether the Leica thread mount or the Contax bayonet mount was best. He was right.


Well-Known Member
I never use my LCD on any of my P&S camera or camcorder because:

1. mainly, there is delay.
2. use too much power.
3. hard to see an certain angel or lighting condition.
4. I start having difficult to see close distance screen, but no problem to look thru the viewfinder.


>So, are we clear on this? I am talking about an internal LCD viewfinder, not an external LCD viewing screen. They are very different beasts.


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If you talk about the EFV (electronic viewfinder), the delay and constrast is even worse (from what I have seen/used in the Sony 828 and DVcam.)

I shoot wedding and event, even split second count.


Well, I still think that an R-lense body with Electronic (LCD) Viewfinder would be a great solution, but after a recent visit to Solms, I fear that it is a lost cause.

No, I don't have any official comment, but rumors put new product development elsewhere. Maybe Epson can do this.