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Rokkor 58mm f1.2


Active Member
I finally got to go out on a decent day and test my converted lens. So I visited my twisted tree again.

Here is a bit of fungus I found on the way. It has some interesting blues in it


Here are three of that tree




I feel as though this lens is a little sharper than the 18-200 sigma but I will have to do some more testing before I decide.


Active Member
No I was some where around f 5.6 to f 11. When you shoot wide open at close distances with this lens the depth of field is just fractions of an inch. I will have to take some wide open soon to see what I get. I'm going to Tampa bay soon to visit my daughter . I'll get plenty of samples there.

........................................Tom C


Well-Known Member
Beautiful warmth, clean colors, and sharp as a tack! NICE work! What a fine lens for your camera.