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Rollei 6008AF Auto Focus Accuracy


Active Member
Hello everyone,

I would like to hear your experiences with the accuracy of the auto focus on the 6008AF with using the 80 2.8 Xenotar and the 180 2.8 Tele Xenar auto focus lenses. My experience has illustrated to me that in general, auto focus is not as precise as manual focusing, and therefore the images taken with auto focus may not be quite as razor sharp as compared to focusing manually.

I am considering using the 6008AF for shooting wedding scenes where the bride and groom are in motion, so there probably won't be enough time to focus manually. I have heard several users of the 6008AF complain that they have had problems with the accuracy of the 6008AF, and find that there images with auto focus tend to be a bit soft.

Moreover, I am interested in how some of you like the feel of focusing manually with the newer auto focusing Schneider lenses as compared to the manual only version Schneider lenses. What characteristics do you like or don't like about the newer auto focus Schneider lenses.

Thank you,