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Rollei metering issues



I have just purchased a 6008i new and I find that, compared to a new nikon f80 and minolta flashmeter VI, the meter starts off accurate in bright conditions and increasingly overexposes, up to 2 stops in dim light.

I am metering a white wall and I am obscuring the viewfinder from extraneous light.

Any ideas, or is this a trait of the camera?


I've been using a 6003 for over 10 years, and have found the meter to be extraordinarily accurate. I don't think I've ever had a good opportunity to fool it.

I wonder if something is wrong with your camera?


The metering issue was identified by Rollei as an early 6008i manufacturing oversight. Their original equipment only calibrated down to EV7, assuming linearity below that. The factory is recalibrating my body to the new specification which goes down to EV0