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RTS 3 Reliability Global Discussion


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Your starter for 10 ....

Only had experience of, and heard others mention, that some (a few, perhaps one batch) RTS III ceramic vacuum film plates could cause scratching of the film. This was quite a few years ago.

My problem was light intermittent scratches and was cured by a replacement plate, FOC by KY UK, even though I had bought it second-hand!

I have nothing other than praise for the camera, and if not for my beloved AX .... it would be the camera I would be using now!

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.


Active Member
I second the statement of Kyocera Kid. I have both Nikon F5 and RTS3, the RTS3 is the same league. If it drops on a table you should be concerned about the table, not about the camera. Battery life is very good, 10 times better than F5 (up to 2 rolls of film with one pack of NIMH there, that's really a bug!), very reliable in every respect. And a very smooth shutter. Mine never failed. One big plus over my AX: Very bright screen and ultra-smooth shutter lag. I love this body! Martin


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I can't say enough about how rugged my RTS, RTSII and now the RTSIII have been. Never a problem. Battery life has been excellent, and avaliable anywhere.
Don't worry, be happy, take pictures!!!


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Tom .... an after thought .... dragged up from the depths of my memory!

It was a while ago when I had my RTS III ... but I remember that another Contax Postal Club member had an older (quite early I think) RTS III.

He complained that his viewfinder display was not as bright as mine, despite the autoswitching of the brightness levels of the readouts according to the image brightness. Eventually the display nearly failed. He had it serviced (I have a feeling he complained about the reliability in such a "professional" camera and got it fixed FOC) and was amazed by the new display, which has been fine since, for many years.

Later, I have heard of other RTS III users complaining about "dim" displays. It appears that some early cameras may have problem displays.

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.