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RTS focussing screens



I have a RTS with a scratched screen that could do with replacement, but they seem to be hard to find. Does anyone know if the original screens are the same as the FS screens used for the RTSII?
Anyone have one lying around?


Hi Ezekiel,

I *think* you can't use RTS II screens in the original RTS, because it looks like the "lobe" (small protrusion to grab with the tweezers) is in a different position. Also I have here an FS-3 screen for RTS II, and the instruction paper that goes with it only mentions the RTS II, not the RTS.

Pim Willemsen


> Ezekiel,

the original screen cannot be substituted by any of the other later Contax screens. If you cannot find a replacement elsewhere, I have four of the original RTS screens new in boxes (including the standard microsprism) that I am willing to sell. You can contact me at I also have new FS-6 and FS-7 screens available if anyone else needs them. Regards,