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RTS II Battery drain after repair service


Well-Known Member
After having Kyocera NJ service my RTS II for a mirror problem, they not only was it returned with a marginal repair to the mirror but now the battery drains fast. I'm using the alkaline PX28 as well as a silver oxide one.

I almost believe a minimal CLA / overhaul was performed if there ever was one done in the first place. I knew from the beginning that the RTSII is no longer supported for servicing, but the Svc Dept stated they could do it. Charged me $183 big ones.

They gave a 6 month warranty with the service, but I am not confident it will come back any better. Besides, they took 2 1/2 months to do the repair and I repaired the mirror myself last night (why not? if I damaged it they would get the camera back anyhow). But there must be a short as my battery drains fast


Well-Known Member
Ugh! What a bind. I would 'phone the Service Manager and tell him of your disappointment. They should have the camera back and pay the postage and they should re-repair it very quickly as an urgent priority: 2 1/2 months and $183 and still not right is terrible.
Good luck with it.