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RTS III Electronic Problems


New Member
Hello All,

Am hoping that someone in the forum may be able to give me an idea/advice as to what may be causing the problem I'm having before I send the camera off for repairs at ToCAD.

I recently purchased a used RTS III camera, however, after running 4 rolls through it the viewfinder display at times does not turn on when depressing the exposure check button or when depressing the shutter release halfway. Other times when depressing the exposure check button or shutter release halfway the camera makes a "whining sound" then it suddenly powers down the camera.
I put in new batteries (AA alkaline/lithium and 2CR5) when I tested the camera so I don't believe it's a battery issue.

Unfortunately, the purchase was through a private transaction with no returns, so I seem to be SOL on getting a refund.

Also, anybody out there had any experience sending there gear to ToCAD for repairs?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You


New Member
I owned a few RTS III but have not encountered any auto power down issue. However, it is common for old RTS III bodies with faded LED display. Some become dim and some disappear totally.