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RTSIII electronics


Active Member
my RTSIII make a strident sound when i swithch the start button. it is the same when i touch the shutter button.
do you know this issue on your RTSIII.


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A strident sound is not a good sign; it might be worth redirecting your enquiry to Julian at
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- he rescued a RTSIII for me a few months ago which was in a terrible state. I know he's very busy until mid-January but he might have heard of this problem (it's new to me) and may be able to help. I'm sorry I can't be of more use to you.


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Did you ever find out what the problem was with your RTS III? I've read in the past that the LCD starts to omit a high pitched sound when it's wearing out.


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it appears that the sound is becoming higher when the light is brighter outside. i explain. when the external light change, the intensity of the blue marks of the information in the view finder is changing also. i guess that the intensity of the sound depends on the intensity of the blue light display in the view finder.
you make me worry.