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RUNNING JOGGING with M3 and 50 summicron


I want to go jogging with my M3 and Wetzlar 50 f/2 Summicron (circa 1970 something).

Is there any reason that I should not?

OR Does my daily walking about and bike riding pose as great a danger to the intregrity of the body and lens? And I should there not even worry about increased potential of damage.

Please advise. I truly dislike little PS both Leica and Contax because I cannot confirm control the framing,focus and shutter speeds.

THANKS for you time and answers.


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The rangfinder is always in danger of coming out of adjustment, walking, singing or jogging!

One thing though ! when you Jog you sweat and you are warm, and the "moist" from your body can if you keep the camera close result in some moist getting into the camera

Are you going to keep the camera in an eveready case ??


I can't imagine running/jogging with a M3 and lens. I can understand your dislike for the P&S but I don't agree with it. The M3 is old gear and parts to work on the viewfinder and/or replace separated optical elements are getting rare. Most VF work now includes replacement. I think subjecting your M3 to that kind of abuse is asking for trouble unless it's a throw away camera for you. My advice is to put everything you said in your original post aside and get an Olympus Stylus Epic and live with it
. It's a very capable camera, light weight, cheap, pocketable, weather proof with an excellent lens. Yes it's auto, but it has a spot meter function that can be used to great effect in controlling exposure. I love my Contax T3, I can live with its control problems - although not many - but I still wouldn't take it jogging. When I think of the dust, lint, physical abuse - well I just wouldn't.

I routinely carry a M6 or T3 as an everyday camera. Just not jogging. The T3 is very good and has for strenuous extended business trips in Asia replaced all my camera gear - mountain treks and all. I was never disappointed but I still guard it from pocket lint because it has a "delicate" lens cover when the lens is retracted. Excellent otherwise. A small lintless belt case works well with this camera.


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>Another suggestion a Contax TiX. They are now very cheap and unbelieveably robust. The have an excllent CZ Sonnar f2.8 lens that makes the most of the APS format. You could probably use it to hammer nails in with. It has a titanium chassis and outer body. It survived my wife's hand bag and my son's rucksack during three weeks in Golden Triangle jungle. It is about the size of a Canon Ixus. > >



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PS both Leica and Contax because I cannot confirm control the framing,focus and shutter speeds. >

Try a T4 in a strong canvas belt pouch, with a little practice you will find that you have some control over exposure, flash, and lens opening e.g., choosing telephoto.

For a little more exercise try jogging with a Hasselblad. :)




Dear David,

My cameras, both M and R, have accompanied me in racing cars on road races and rallys. None have suffered from the experience including rolling around in the footwell. I would therefore assume your M3 will withstand the mild shock of jogging. In fact I would suggest one in each hand as de facto weights.

Have fun.



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Hi David,

I considered this a couple of years ago, and bought a very small volume backpack with a waist strap (important),
but I found the best way is to jog with the camera in hand and with the protection of a wrist strap.
(but I no longer jog and just prefer fast walking)