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rx mirror problem


New Member

I bought a used RX a few days ago at Ebay, it looks really good. But guess what, the mirror apperently doesn't move, also the curtain... I owned other contax bodies and I never had this problem. I replaced the batteries and nothing change. The aperture of the lenses and all the other settings work good.

Can anybody tell me if the mirror moves when is no film loaded?
I tried also without lenses, with the databack door opened... I'm a little bit fustrated so I don't know if I should talk with the seller and ask for the refund of my money...

thanks everybody


Hi cokebart,

welcome at!

Unfortunately, I do not remember anymore and I do not have anymore my RX to try it. If noone else is posting over the next 2 days, then you should contact by e-mail in the UK alphadigital service (
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). Address the e-mail to Frazer Allen. He is the Contax specialist and will find it out for you. He was formerly the head of Contax UK.

Say that you are coming from He is also member here, but does not have the time to check the forum regularly

Best wishes


Gold CI-Patron
Hi Cokebart

I just tried the RX without any film in it and the mirror IS moving. I guess, there is some problem with your mirror mechanism. If the mirror is not moving, you will not be able to make any pictures so, basically, your camera is worthless at the moment. I would ask for the cause of this problem and perhaps talk about a repair, which the seller should pay. Otherwise, you also could ask for a refund.

I wish you good luck!