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S45 exposure and colorimetry


New Member
Sorry for my bad english... I'm french !
I own a S30 and wanted to change for S45, so I've tried one. I've been very disappointed by general aspect. Canon suggested me to return it and try another one. The second one had the same problem, the third one too. In Auto mode or without any correction, images seem under-exposure sometimes (specially when I take a view with an important part of sky), making them look darker and really "sad". As if I put a light blue/grey filter on most of my images.
Of course, I could correct partially this problem with exposure compensation function, but under-exposure is not systematic and the idea is also to be able to use the camera in Auto mode when I'm in a hurry or right in the middle of a crowdy place !
Except this problem, the S45 is absolutely great.
I'd like to know if some users of S45 noticed that kind of problem, thinking last series can suffer of a manufacturing defect.
I hope you could help me on this topic.


New Member
i own a S45 and i have not seen this problem yet. I guess you should change the spot meter zone to an area where the roofs meet the sky to have a more correct white balance.