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News S5 II & S5 IIx


Below the most important video reviews of the new L-Mount fullframe cameras Lumix S5 MkII and S5 Mk IIx:

The video of Gordon Laing is focused specifically on the photography side, the other more weighted on the video capabilities of the Lumix S5 II. Everybody is excited about the inclusion of PDAF and it seems that Panasonic did a great job with the speed and reliability of its PDAF system.

Please bear in mind, that some youtubers make the mistale to use viewfinder recording through HDMI port. This slows down the AF significantly during the recording. Gordon Laing is explaining this behaviour in his video.



According to the reviews. the Panasonic PDAF seems to be fast and accurate. On the level of a Sony A7III or A7IV, better than Nikon Z6 II. But noone tested for sports photography. For this we need to wait.

Image quality seems to be the same as the original Lumix S5, which is very good. I love my Lumix S5 :)

The fan is not as visible as I thought. I wonder whether you can hear it.

The battery needed is the same as in the original S5. This is very good. Saves money. The viewfinder resolution is now the industry standard 3.6MP. Same as Nikon Z6, Z7, Z9, Sony A7 IV, Canon R6 MkII etc., but you can switch from 60 to 120. This is very good.

It seems that all reviewers think the S5 MkII is the best offer you can buy at the moment. No matter which brand. Significantly cheaper than the competition and more features included. 2.199.-€/ 1999.- $

I do not know yet, whether I will upgrade from my Lumix S5, because I would prefer to have a rangefinder style L-Mount camera with only a basic tilt screen. Similar to the Lumix GX9 in MFT.

What about you? What do you think about these news?


This is a short (20 minutes) video of Richard Wong. He made several ones. This one is for testing the AF only. Always in comparison with other cameras (vs. S5, vs. Canon R6II, vs. Sony A7IV) and vlogging at daylight and at night in difficult light. Great video.

I have to say, I am really impressed how good the PDAF of the S5 MkII is compared to other brands.



Hi Charles,

welcome at CI!

I also switched from S5 to S5 Mk2, although I did not really need the improved AF.

I have not jad the time yet to use it a lot. But in video, the AF is really better.

It is a pitty that the new cooling system made the S5 Mkii slightly larger. I still hope for a rangefinder style Lumix FF camera.


New Member

Size is relative. I started L mount with the S1 when it was upgraded to 10 bit video, and then the S1H when it first came out, The S5II it tiny compared to these two cameras, and I'm amazed Panasonic got the fan as small as it is in this new camera; it makes a big difference for video. But yes, a rangefinder style camera would really be nice, especially with the small 20-60mm Lumix lens, or one of the small Sigma fixed focal length lenses. And it would attract more people who are mainly interested in photography. Panasonic is also catering more to hybrid or video users with M43 as well. I have the GH6 which is really great for video, but just so-so for photography. It is the same thing there, can they balance the M43 product line with something with more appeal to photographers. In my case I'm happy, I'm a hybrid shooter and want the best of both photography and video, and the S5II and the upcoming S5IIx do that without too much size penalty.