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sadvice on using protective filters



Given that I use MM lenses for RTSII because of the quality of the glass, I have a series of ?s regarding when or whether it is advisable to use a UV or other protective filter:
1)Do you always have a protective filter on in order to protect your investment (and perhaps to cut down on haze or blue for color work)?
2) Seems senseless to put a cheap filter on a $1,000 plus lens so reading elsewhere on the forum I get that recommended brands are B&W; Heliopan; Contax; and the best multi-coated Hoya filters. Do you agree? Given that larger filter diameters are pretty expensive themselves buying a quality filter but not going overboard might also be a good balance and save some money.
3) Has anyone tested whether there is negative impact on picture quality from even a high quality filter?
4) Do you routinely take the filter off for certain shots where you are after the highest quality? If so under what circumstances might you remove filter for shot and then put it back on?
5) If you do use filters routinely (or for polarizing etc.)what brand of filter/lens cleaner do you use and why? Elsewhere I have heard good things (no smear and no residu) about Formula MC from Peca Products in Janesville, Wisconsin, USA.
6) When are superthin filter models advisable? Only needed for wide angle e.g. the 28mm part of a zoom? I assume that if you are stacking two filters (UV and a polarizer) that both have to be superthin to prevent vigneting.
Thanks for all of your experience/advice; I am just getting back into photography more seriously after almost a 10 year relatively quiet period.


You are going to lose some quality , even by using very good filters such as the ones you mention . Whether this is acceptable to you , or even noticeable is a question you must decide . Personally I seldom use filters , but will also not hesitate to use them when the subject call s for it - I dont use them for protective purposes except in very extreme conditions etc[ salt sea spray or sand storm etc]. Most of the filters I own are either Contax or Heliopan and several are the narrow type which are a good idea if you use wide angles alot , however , most do not have a front facing thread , so you are unable to double up filters or use a lens shade ........ Steve


Hi beware of hoya 0UV from experience they introduce a pink cast(can be usfull for distant telephoto shots).